Mobile Internet Flex Plan

Data Included Tier 1: 100 MB
Tier 2: 500 MB
Tier 3: 2 GB
Tier 4: 5 GB
Tier 5: 10 GB
Additional Data Usage Rate $10 per GB over 10 GB
U.S. data roaming: $3/MB
Airtime Rate 50¢/minute (local and Canadian long distance minutes)
Connection Fee $50.00
911 Emergency Service Access Fee QC: $0.46/mo., NS: $0.43/mo., AB: $0.95/mo., NB: $0.97/mo., SK: $1.88/mo., PE: $0.70/mo., NL: $0.75/mo., NWT: $1.70/mo.
Early Cancellation Fee Any remaining balance outstanding on your Device discount (subsidy).
Notes Available with a Turbo Stick, Turbo Hub or MiFi device.
¹ For voice service only