Mobile Internet Flex Plan

Data Included Tier 1: 100 MB
Tier 2: 2 GB
Tier 3: 5 GB
Tier 4: 10 GB
Additional Data Usage Rate $10 per GB over 10 GB
U.S. data roaming: $3/MB
Airtime Rate 50ยข/minute (local and Canadian long distance minutes)
Connection Fee $50.00
911 Emergency Service Access Fee QC: $0.46/mo., NS: $0.43/mo., AB: $0.95/mo., NB: $0.97/mo., SK: $1.88/mo., PE: $0.70/mo., NL: $0.75/mo., NWT: $1.70/mo.
Early Cancellation Fee Any remaining balance outstanding on your Device discount (subsidy).
Notes Non-Mobile Internet device traffic is always prioritized on the LTE network. This may result in slower speeds or delays for Mobile Internet device users when using certain data services during periods of network congestion.