Cruz iPhone X/XS RFID & Anti-Radiation Wallet Case


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Key Features

Protect yourself and your phone with the Cruz Anti-Radiation Wallet case. When talking on your phone with the cover closed, the Cruz case blocks the powerful cell phone radio signals directed into your brain by reflecting its powerful radio signals back through the case and away from the user. The Cruz case construction features 360 degree drop protection with a dent resistant bumper and a wallet design that provides protection from unauthorized RFID credit card scanning.

How does the Cruz Case block the cell phone signals directed towards the brain?
The Cruz Case covers is constructed of RELEXTREX core, a patent pending micron metal fabric which is designed to block the signals coming out of the front of the phone and reflect them to the back of the phone, away from your head, brain and body, providing protection from this harmful radiation without affecting cell tower communication or how you use your phone.

How do I use the Cruz Case?
Open the case cover to make or answer a call. Immediately close the cover and talk/Listen through the cover with perfect clarity. When texting, flip the lid cover to the back of the phone. ALWAYS keep the Cruz Case flip lid cover and Logo when talking or carrying, between you and your phone.

Does the Cruz Case protect my phone if I drop it?
YES. Cruz Cases provide 360° dent resistant protection using a flex-protect silicon phone guard which absorbs the shock preventing dents and damage from most typical drop events.

Does the Cruz Case protect my credit cards from unauthorized scanning?
YES. Cruz Cases provide 2 credit card holders and a money sleeve that blocks RFID authorized scanning. This wallet case is both functional and attractive.

Does the Cruz Case support hands free video viewing?
YES. Cruz Cases have a built in video viewing kickstand that allows you to sit back and enjoy your favorite videos.

How do I clean my Cruz Case?
To clean your Cruz Case, wipe with a damp cloth on the outside and inside to keep your Cruz Case looking new. Do not use chemicals on the phone case or you may effect the effectiveness of the case. Also, do not leave your Cruz Case in the hot sun or set in any water. No replacements are provided by your maintenance of your case.

Weight 8.81 ounces
Screen Protector Included No
Additional Features •Blocks powerful cell phone signals directed towards the brain and body
•Protection from unauthorized RFID credit card scanning
•Wallet design fits 2 cards
•360 degree drop protection
•Dent resistant silicone bumper
•Soft-touch finish and reinforced stitching
•Converts into a stand for convenient viewing
•Magnetic closer to keep cover closed
•No interference with cell tower communication