OtterBox 10W Solos Wireless Charging Pad w/stand


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Key Features


The Otterbox 10W Solos Wireless Charging Pad with stand features a multi-position stand. Easily drop and charge thanks to the anti-slip forked base.


The OtterBox Wireless Charging Stand delivers up to 10 watts of power to charge up your Qi wireless enabled smartphone fast, while offering versatile phone placement options for portrait and landscape viewing. Just plug in the charging pad, place your phone on the charging stand and return to a fully charged device. And, you can be confident that it’s charging because your phone stays put against the pad’s anti-slip surface and the stand’s forked base. The compact, elemental design blends into the surroundings, and the LEDs on the pad let you know charging status with a quick glance. Not just simple, the OtterBox Wireless Charging Stand is simply extraordinary.

Weight 13.04 ounces
Additional Features •Up to 10-watt fast charge pad •Includes multi-position charging stand •placement options •Enjoy portrait and landscape viewing while charging •Durable and simplified design •Powers up Qi wireless enabled smartphones fast •Charging starts upon contact with the pad •LEDs on pad indicate charging status at a glance •Anti-slip surface on pad and forked base on stand hold device in place during charging •Limited lifetime warranty